Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Skinny is the misssion

So i have been liquid fasting for two days now allowing myself to eat some but very little like a couple olives or a piece of cheese or a hand full of lightly salted chips. I'm also going to workout before i go to bed tonight hardcore. I'm done messing around i hate my body ad i hate myself for letting it get this far out of control. I'm literally gross i have stretch marks and i know i'm not even fat just chubby barley but still it's obese in my opinion. My goal weigh it 110-117 if i can get there i'll be so happy. I'm going to try doing the 14 day water fast. Doctors say it's okay if you don't do it often so i'm gonna do that then i'm gonna start the abc diet with and all vegetarian diet. Message me/ email me if you want to join in and be my proana buddy!!(: i'll be posting daily or every other day since testing is coming up but still message me/ email me i would love a pro ana buddy !!

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