Monday, May 12, 2014

26 day water fast!

I'm starting a 26 day water fast, well technically I already started.My first day was May 12. I want to go all the way up to June 6th. I think I might want to go past that to the last day of school but i'm just trying to lose weight for my school formal dance. I want to be comfortable with my body at my dance, and I just feel trapped inside my body. I know this isn't me and I don't usually weigh this much. So if anyone wants to do this with me comment or message me or something. I'm excited. Also i'm going to start working out a bunch every night before I go to bed and every morning when i wake up. I'm talking until i just can't do go on kind of working out. I think that if i fast and workout like crazy while i'm on my fast then it will help me to lose more weight than i would just regular fasting and working out every other day. But that won't be the end i really want to get down to my goal weight and look how i want to look by the time i go back to school after summer break. this is how i really want to look.

And this would be great to aha 

So anyways tomorrow will be day two of the fast and i can't wait i just hope i get what i want out of this by the time i need it.

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