Tuesday, May 13, 2014

day two of the water fast

Today was successful,but at the same time it wasn't. I water fasted all day but when i got home from school i ate like 4 pieces of those big pepperoni slices you put on sandwiches. I also had a glass of Hawaiian punch and one glass of milk. It wasn't that bad of a slip up i'll just work it off in a few minutes when i work out, but still i want to go a full day with nothing but water. There's temptations to eat every where i look. But i have to keep reminding myself 
"Do i want to be fat, do i want people to always be smaller than me, do i want to hide under my clothes forever?"
And the answer to all of those is now. Sometimes looking at thinspo pictures on tumblr just isn't going to cut when it comes to sticking to a diet. I need real life motivations, something that's now or never lose it or don't kind of thing. So i feel better you know that feeling when you get to day two and you start to feel a little different even though there's no visible change.I'm right there at the moment and even though i can't see change i still feel good, like on this high of motivation to get where i really want to be. I really want to be like 107-110 lbs. by the time school start after summer break. I want to wear whatever i want, and i want to be me just me not someone stuck inside a body suit screaming to get out.

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